Iwaki Fireworks Festival Excutive Committee
11-1 Onahama Honcho,Iwaki City,Fukushima Pref. 971-8101
phone : 0246-56-5677 fax : 0246-52-1415
What is Iwaki Odori ?

It is a major summer event to be held in the Onahama and Izumi districts,and around the Iwaki City area in front of the Iwaki station,stering with the Nakoso and Yotsukura districts.Produced and established in 1982,in commemoration of Iwaki Ciyu 15th anniversary.Every Iwaki citizen sings casually and is established as a dance common to all citizens.While wearing a proud costume and the city heats up,dance with the roar of "Donwasse"

Quote from "Iwaki City sightseeing information site"

Friday 4,July 2020 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Attraction 17:10~ , Opening Ceremony 18:15~ , Dance Start 18:30~
Prefectural road Onahama-Taira line Hakken road intersection from Onahama branch intersection

Iwaki odori time schedule
 Japanese drum performance 17:10~17:25 休憩 休憩
 Preschoolers dance 17:25~17:40
 Iwaki Dontoyare 17:40~17:55        
 Cheerleaders 17:55~18:10
 Kaisei high school Jangara 17:55~18:25     
 Opening ceremony 18:30~18:45
 First dance 18:45~19:20
 Break 19:20~19:40
 Second dance 19:40~20:10
 Break 19:25~19:35
 Closing ceremony 20:15~20:45
 Cleaning work   20:45~21:10
 Traffic regulation cancellation 21:30~
*The above schedule is subject to change without notice.
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