Iwaki Fireworks Festival Excutive Committee
11-1 Onahama Honcho,Iwaki City,Fukushima Pref. 971-8101
phone : 0246-56-5677 fax : 0246-52-1415

Name of competition Iwaki fireworks
  Enent date Saturday September 5th,2020 7pm to 9pm
Place Aquamarine Park (Between Onahama No.1 and No.2 piers)
  Sponsorship Iwaki Fireworks Conpetition Excutive Committee
Competition theme New year of REIWA Let's go to see fireworks again this year
Fireworks launch number about 10,000

Pre Event Onahama Kaiyusai
Saturday and Sunday July 25th-26th,2020 10am to 4pm
Aquamarine Park (Between Onahama No.1 and No.2 piers)
Experience boarding(kids bost,banana boat,jet ski),jet ski acrobat show,stge show ,others.

Eve Iwaki odori in Onahama
Friday September 4th,2020,7pm to 9pm
Attraction 17:10~ , Opening Ceremony 18:15~ , Dance Start 18:30~
Prefectural road Onahama-Taira line Hakken road intersection from Onahama branch intersection

History of fireworks display

Fireworks launched at the sea safety prayer festival

fireworks from the No.1 whaf seen from the west breakwater(photograph above)
It is said that the beginning of Iwaki fireworks display was the 1st Iwaki Port Festival held in 1954.During this year,Onahama Town,Ena Town,Izumi Town,Watanabe Village merged and became Iwaki City,and the port festival was held in commemoration of its birth.
The contents of the festival are sea safty prayers festivals and athletic parades,among others,the parade grew year by year,there were also years when the SDF's music corps parade and the jet flight by the Air Self Defence Force were carried out.Around the time when Princess Crown Princess was married at that time,a nationwalking festival where two people were present was also held.In the Port festival,fireworks were launched at the sea safty prayer festival.At that time,the total budget was 500,000 yen,which was used as a trigger to change the shape little by little,it was handed down to the fireworks display like the present.
Nationwide Fireworks Competition Games spreading Onahama's name
Fireworks festival which began at the same time as the port festival came to be held as a nationwide fireworks display competition around 1960.Two years ago,the competiton convention which had been held in Motomiya town until that time was canceled in that year,so we received a proposal to hold in Iwaki City.The Mayor of Iwaki and the city council of the time inspected the fireworks display in Motomiya town,checked the contents the acceptance system,the proceduce of the fireworks ect with thier eyes and entered the preparation for the realization.In addition,the first nationwide fireworks festival to commemorate was held in 1963 of the following year.In the competiton,it was divided into the 5 fireworks of 83.5 inches contest,the 119.3 inches contest fireworks,the part of the work in progress fireworks competiton.Fireworks gathered from all over the country and competed for that technique.

Creative fireworks that synchronized music and fireworks
Onahama's nationwide fireworks festival,which began in earnest in this way,was held at Onahama Beach at the time from the 1st to the 3rd,and then held at the Misaki Park until the 6th.From the 7th round onwards,it is held at Onahama port offshore breakwater.Fireworks competition centering on competitive fireworks,but in 1997,in addition to the 119.3 inches ball,creative fireworks synched with fireworks and music agead of the whole cuntry became main.Fireworks bloom one by one according to the appearance that the harbor night is more brilliantly colored attracts visiters.From this year the name of the convention also became "Onahama myu fireworks"from the National Games,"Iwaki Onahama Port Fireworks display"in 2004,and now "Iwaki fireworks display"from 2008.

Midsummer night feast by Citizen's hand
The Iwaki fireworks display which colorize the summer of Iwaki,is organizaed by the citizens,not the administrative entity,preparing for a sponsorship company to prepare for the sponsors.The current program consists of creative fireworks and civic fireworks.Citizen fireworks are fireworks that launches large traditonal Japanese balls such as 119.3 inches,with a message of thougt,including celebration memorials and publicity,regardless of individuals or groups such as family members and friends.The enthusiastic feelings of the people who say "I love fireworks",including the executive committee,are beautifully big flowers of the summer night.
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